Right Worshipful Michael Durocher is a member of Temple Corp and managing all major renovations of the front porch, roof repair and inside wall spakling.

Paint the stairs with Kilz before we. are able to seal the stairs with a concrete sealer next spring.

Bro. Brian Poillucci


Build a comfortable cigar room here on the second floor.

All of the lights switches and receptacles need to be replaced with white hardware.

We need a plan for general landscaping in the spring 2019.


Paint Fellowship Hall, hallway and ceiling.

In the future, we will be smoothing out the walls and painting a color but for now we need to paint over the baseboard, old stains on the walls and ceiling with Kilz.

Completed by Bro Brian Poillucci, Bro Justin Goff, Bro Ken Westburg, Bro Chris Lopes, 12/2018

Replace special outside light bulb that has been out forever.

Completed by Bro Brian Poillucci, 12/2018

Repair front countertop.

Sand and paint the edges that are falling off.

Completed by Brother Justin Goff 12/2018

Install new heating vent covers that are missing.

Must use screw anchors for proper installation.

Completed by Brother Brian Poillucci. 12/2018

The floor in the Fellowship Hall needs a heavy cleaning.

We need to come up with a better cleaning schedule so the floor does not get this bad again.

Completed by Brother Brian Poillucci. 12/2018

Add Chromecast to Lodge TV.

  • Guest speakers can show presentations in ANY format they use.
  • Cast movies from Netflix, YouTube and more for movie nights.
  • Play content for Masonic Education Nights.
  • Display photo gallery of brothers during events.
  • Display custom content about the history of King David during open houses.
  • And more!

Chromecast donated by Brother Brian Poillucci 11/2018