THIS FUNDRAISING PROGRAM IS NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVEThis page is for ALL the Brethren of the Lodge to inspect on their own before it is voted on and implemented.

If you have any ides, question, concerns or comments of any kind, please contact the Lodges Master and Wardens here.

Dinner Reservation Subscription Plan

Subscribe for Automatic Monthly Payments for your Regular Meeting Dinners


“How will my subscription help the Lodge?”

Subscriptions help us prevent losing money on dinners every month and help our Junior Warden create an even better dinner experience for our Brethren.

They also help provide the extra money for dinners the lodge is responsible for paying like special LOI’s and the yearly Widows Dinner.

“What if I do not attend every regular monthly meeting?”

Your payment will then be used as a donation towards the other dinners that the Lodge is responsible for paying for like LOI’s, Widows Dinner, and more.

“Do I still need to make dinner reservations every month if I am a subscriber?”

YES! DINNER RESERVATIONS ARE STILL REQUIRED IF YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER in order to make sure our Junior Warden orders the correct amount of food.

You can make those reservations every month here:

“I AM IN! How much are the payments and when will they be billed?”

Your subscription will be $15.00 once per month, every month.

“What about the months that the Lodge goes dark for the summer?”

Your July and August payments will be used to pay for the other dinners that the lodge is responsible for paying for like special LOI’s and the yearly Widows Dinner.

“What if my subscription is not within the length of my cable-tow anymore?”

You can cancel your subscription easily any time!

“How do I subscribe?”

Choose your payment option below. You can use ANY debit or credit card or your PayPal account.